Newly discovered Abbott Fay books!

In the sad but memorable time of going through my dad's stuff, we found two books that we had forgotten all about, but at least one is extremely timely!. I thought you might like to read at least one of these, so I scanned both and they're here for download in PDF form.

The first book, Getting Rich in a Financial Depression, was self-published in 1979, when Dad was convinced that the big one was immediately on its way. It's loads of fun to read, and so pertinent to today. We think he waited all his life for the big one to hit, and finally checked out when he had convinced it had come. But his book was 30 years early, maybe. We seem to remember that his intent was to sell it through magazine ads, and it didn't make him rich after all. The significant leftover stock was surreptitiously left in a dumpster somewhere in the midwest.

The second book, Writing Good History Research Papers was a distillation of all the things he wanted to tell his students about that subject. It will be interesting to students who had to follow all his rules, but might not be palatable to the majority.

Anyway, here they are for your reading pleasure:

(If you're a former student, you may remember Abbott's essay What is a Student? as well.)