Abbott Fay's Books

Here is a list of Abbott Fay's books. He's been a prolific writer in recent years. All of his recent books have been published by Western Reflections. Many of these are in print and easily available - you can get them at local Colorado bookstores (including the chain stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders) or through or the publisher, Western Reflections.


Book Mountain Academia

Randy, If you get this I just ordered a copy off Amazon. I was reminded of the book when you mentioned in on Ruth's Page.
I was looking for a copy from Rials books, but apparently he never got a copy [I though had] but no. So I have purchased.

John Lake


My roomate Miles Westover and I were both asked if we would be interested in being a part of a group of young men who would follow DR. Fay's directions in an attemp to bring some self disipline into our lives by learning and doing various tasks.I declined Miles didn't ,I thought my Christian activities at the time provided me with all the direction needed--my mistake-opportunity cost .I did have memorable class and office interaction with Dr.Fay that stimulated my intellectual life and I thank him for it.